Welcome fellow Z3er's to the COZOG website!

On this website, you will find information on past and future drives (including pictures), an extensive list of links to other Z3 websites and an email digest for the members to communicate with each other. We also have a small database of our member's cars.

Now you can register your car at http://www.z3reg.com !!!

Our purpose is singular: To have fun with others who enjoy their Z3 as much as we do! We are very relaxed group of BMW Z3 enthusiasts who get together about once a month. Even though not all of us know that a 2.3 is really a 2.5, we are all car people here. This group is here for your enjoyment. After all, how can anyone own a Z3 and not have some fun once in a while? ;-) The only cost to join our group is Z3 ownership. There are NO organizational dues or fees.

I hope you enjoy what you see and if you wish to participate, or just a have a question, send me an email at cozog@cozog.com, or you can stop by one of our meetings.